Every hour, in Bangladesh, 30 patients die simply due to no access to primary healthcare.


This shouldn’t be the case, If the patients could get access to a GP (General Physician) or a specialist from the outset of their problem, they could get all the primary healthcare needed, get an accurate direction and many lives could be saved.


Hia Allows access to integrated health care service so that patients can get well sooner and lead a healthier life.


With Hia, Patients can can connect to General Physicians at any time and at any place and find a proper direction to solve their problem. Hia’s services will enable patients and doctors to save precious time and Help them to gain specific guidelines from the outset of their problem, hence taking control of their health care problems through proper means.


Hia aims to aid both doctors and patients in the treatment process so that it can be more efficient, effective,   and organized, mitigate the gap between them and engage patients more deeply than ever.


Imagine that with access to proper and integrated healthcare how many lives we will be able to save on a daily basis, how many people will be able to lead a healthier life due to fast and proper treatment. Many precious souls will be saved and will be able to contribute their part in the society and move the society even faster.


If you share the same vision as ours, join Hia; and help our healthcare system to become more reliable, more efficient than ever before


Hia - Appointments in Your Neighbourhood Hospitals. Find qualified doctors and affordable healthcare services in your neighbourhood hospitals in a data driven way.